Thursday, August 12, 2010

My first blog

I swore I would never be a blogger.  What do I have to share that is so important?  I realized that a few things might just be worth reading.  For starters I love to help people that are fearlessly following Christ raise money.  If you knew a true Christian man or woman was trying to raise money for a mission or a great project that was going to somehow see eternal fruit born, you would possibly let that person in on my blog.  They may get some real help and if I can just help people see their dreams come true I am pretty happy.  So, there it is  a blog. If you have some feedback please comment right here on the blog.


  1. Rev

    Once you start - you'll learn about yourself. You'll teach us great things, but the things that you learn as you process through your ideas will be worth blogging.

    Even if what you share is not important - it's a part of you that you share with us. It's about sharing yourself. Can't wait to learn from you.


  2. When God is speaking into your heart Howard, it can bless others. Some of my favorite blogs are the ones that Paul wrote to the churches he ministered to. I think blog is nothing more than writing/sharing. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Press on brother!

  3. Excited to hear you preach/blog from 3000 miles away!


  4. Welcome to the blogging world! Great start and I look forward to much, much more! You have a great plan.

  5. This should be a hoot--as well as informative and inspirational!

  6. Will for sure platform you, your ministry and this blog

  7. The year I spent with you decipling me, sending me on mission trips, and reading biographies of others who have gone on mission and have been fearless to follow Christ where ever He should lead, has changed my life forever.

    I look foward to learning more from you and one day being in ministry again with you.

    Jason Cancino

  8. How fun. Will be looking forward to reading your thoughts, as well as learning about new mission projects.

  9. Wow...I am overwhelmed at your feedback. Praise the LORD

  10. Love your ideas. Keep blogging!

    In His Mighty Grip,
    Mark Salazar

  11. Nice Blog Bro! I am sorry I missed the email. Write a longer one next time! :)