Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why ask for help?

We Americans are very independent.  "No No please do not help me, I will be just fine."  "What's that?  Ask for directions....Sorry I never ask for help."  I am  a a rough tough American.

Funny thing is that when I was 4 I could not figure out how to tie my shoes so I asked every person I could to help me.  I did not want to get to kindergarten and lose a shoe on the monkey bars.

I think asking for help is one of the great keys to success.  Every great business success ultimately builds a team of people to do the work he or she is not an expert in.  Find out what you are great at and offer to trade your expertise for the input of others who can help your vision climb out of the pit of excuse making and rise to a level of fruitfulness that would bring Glory to GOD!  I send out thousands of funding letters a year but my handwriting is terrible.  So guess what.  I recruit someone with great handwriting to put the addresses on each envelope by hand; in BLUE INK.  I can not spell.  I get others to edit and edit again everything I pop in the mail.  When I get around strangers I tend to scare them a little so we like to get another person to do most of my recruiting.  I have succeeded in most areas of my calling by getting help.  Lots of help.  Be Humble and God will reward you.

Now lets talk about money.  ASK PEOPLE FOR FINANCIAL HELP.  If you have a God sized vision and you are underfunded you do not need a class in fundraising as much as you need to repent of your pride.  Make sure people can contribute to a non-profit and that you have a written understanding of what overhead will be taken from each dollar donated to pay for admin and whatnot. Write your vision down and send it with a clear compelling request for donations.....and get someone who has raised a lot of money to help you construct the letter.  DO IT.


  1. I read this with fear. You're's all about my pride. This is good stuff man. I'm hopeful about my future as a Christian minister and worker.

  2. Great blog bro! I think part of true independence is knowing when you need help. The key is who you get the help from :)

  3. I wonder what Howard feels about "non-profits" (501-c3) these days? Is it really worth a tax break to get in bead with an evil government? I don't think so.